Wednesday, April 17, 2013



The picture above is actually the Fortune I got from my favorite Chinese restaurant where I went to have lunch today. Amazing, isn't it?

Hallelujah is actually a transliteration the Hebrew word which is a combination of You (plural) all Praise Yah [weh]. It is used primarily in the Old testament, especially the Psalms but it is also used 4 times in Revelations.

A Psalm of Praise.

117 Praise the Lord, all nations;
Laud Him, all peoples!
For His lovingkindness is great toward us,
And the truth of the Lord is everlasting.
Praise the Lord!
Today I want to remind you to Praise the LORD. We get too involved with just living and sometimes we forget what is really important...seriously the MOST important thing that we can do. Give thanks.  And not just focused on just anything...but One Thing. The LORD.

Take a moment...right now...where ever you are and just think of how many things the LORD has done for you.  I am not even talking about what He has done for you in the past week or about just thanking Him for today!

Don't worry about thanking Him for tomorrow.  We may never even be there.  Just thank Him for now, always now. If we arrive at tomorrow...well it won't be that any more will it?  And neither will we.

Blessings All!