Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Picture of Hope

I have been many things in my life.  Done many things.  Some I have not liked, some I have fact most I have loved.  Being an optimist is always about balance in one direction. :-)

I have always loved poetry and have written much.  I found one of my older books the other day and was reading through some of it.  It strikes me that I have gone through at least 3 major phases in my poetic life.  1) Doubtful but hopeful.  2) Hopeful but doubtful and 3) Hopeful and faithful.

I will be sharing some of my poetry here and explaining more about these "phases".  It will be an interesting journey.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

 This is a poem I wrote in March 17th,1986. From my 2nd phase I think.

 A Picture of Hope

People not knowing
 caring less each day
 Given to their wisdom
leading them astray

Only Grace can draw them
 into your Holy Spirit
 Not by will nor crying
but only by Your might

The Spirit has descended
  and is working even now
  This evil age not ended
but I pray somehow

each soul be joined
to your will for good
for that is what your love wanted
if only that it could be done

Undaunted let me preach
cry, love and die
for your holy will
within my soul does sigh

Give me wisdom to discern
give me patience to accept
give me power to lead a life
that alone I never could have kept

Draw them nearer to you O Lord
by your holy word
let them hear your voice
that even I have heard

Let them follow you
more closely than did I
let them see your face
before they all lay down and die

A picture of hope
I give to all who would entrust
their heart, their soul, their life
to One--That One: Jesus

(c) El LaGrew 1986

Blessings All!