Friday, July 12, 2013

The Task

The Task

the task is too great for me oh god
my hand too weak and small
my arms feel as if they are wood
my legs shake and i may fall

my mind not strong or sharp or good
my voice trembles each time i call
my gut feels as if it’s too full of  food
i am not up to this at all

Fear not what you lack for I am here
Haven’t I told you so
I have not left you I am near
I said I would be where you go

you will be the head and not the tail
you will stand strong and tall
you will trump both snow and hail
you will answer when I call

So go you now and preach each word
I place into your mind
now go forth and let it be heard
How I saved all mankind

© 2013 Elbert LaGrew