Saturday, January 17, 2015

Be Intentional

This summer I recorded a show on my DVR and was getting around to watch it the other day.  The show was Last Comic Standing.  If you are not familiar with the show, it is a contest where these stand-up comedians compete during the course of a few weeks in different situations.  Each week one comic is eliminated until they get to the last comic standing.  Very funny...and cleaner than most shows since it is on regular TV...that is always a plus for me.

One thing that struck me is the amount of preparation each person competing put into his or her set of joke that they did each week. They wrote down jokes...they practiced telling the jokes...they got feedback and advice on the jokes before they actually went out a performed. There was a tremendous amount of preparation involved.  Those where were more prepared, obviously did better in the competition than those who sort of "winged it".

It also started me thinking about being a Christian.  How many times do we find ourselves flying by the seat of our pants instead of being intentional about being a Christian? How many times are we really preparing ourselves by praying and studying God's word and seeking Godly advice instead of just 'Winging it"?

This year, make a commitment to being intentional in your Christian walk.  Pray without ceasing. Go to Sunday School and study God's Word without ceasing as well. Meditate on it day and night! I think if you do these things you will find that you just may be...the Last Christian Standing and wouldn't that be worth it?  Yes, it would totally be worth it!

Blessings All!