Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Prayer from the Heart

A Prayer from the Heart

O Lord you are faithful
Your Spirit works tirelessly for our good
When our hands are tied and tired
Your strong arm never fails.

Sustain my soul and even when I am weary and discouraged
Do not forget me and the promises that you made.
My heart aches for the time when it can be united
with You as one.

Protect our loved ones always
We are powerless to sway even the smallest blade of grass
and yet with Your help the grass grows and is green
May our loved ones gain Your favor as proportion to their faith

We will leave this earth soon enough
but your Spirit still dwells with your people
May the ones who love you
be lifted up to the hope that is in You

Open doors that were once closed
Open hearts that have been shuttered
Use your people for your glory
May your return be swift and full of mercy