Sunday, December 9, 2012

Look up in Hope

The Ogre sits upon his throne
of rotting meat and human bone
smiling as he proudly looks
upon destruction of human works

He laughs and snorts and sings
of the chaos he brings
he praises his immense ego
daring each to come and go

he has snared many in his slimy hand
crushed and bruised the precious lamb
but he could not kill the spirit within
for the lamb rose to greatness again

the lamb has changed and now he comes
not as helpless as he seemed he was
he brings with him an army vast
the Ogre knows that this is his last

yet he fights and brings his hoard
he battles fierce with his last word
he is thrown down into the pit
where demons go and fire is lit

and so it will be for every man
who thinks they can defeat the lamb
the lamb to whom all power is laid
who on the cross our sins he paid

so now dear friend just look around
don’t cast your eyes upon the ground
but look up in hope your savior comes
to bring you back to his heavenly home

© 2012 El LaGrew